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Meet Michael

I was born in Annapolis, Maryland, just outside the Naval Academy, and grew up in Arlington, Virginia. When I was in high school, terrorists attacked our nation on 9/11. One of my classmates had a father on American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon; I would see the smoking rubble every day on my school bus in the following months. I resolved then to join the military and serve my nation.

I was commissioned into the Navy in 2009 and after three years of flight school, including being stationed in Meridian, Mississippi for a year, I earned my Naval Aviator wings and moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia to become an F/A-18 Hornet pilot. After a tour which included a deployment on the USS George Washington I received orders to return to Meridian, Mississippi as a T-45 instructor pilot. I spent the next 5 years as an instructor pilot before leaving active duty. I still fly for the Navy Reserves as an instructor pilot, and my civilian job is a maintenance test pilot for the T-45.

Ever since 9/11 I've known that I wanted to serve and protect our nation against those that wish to destroy her. I had always believed that these foes would come from places on the far side of the world. The last few years have changed my thinking. I've seen our communities devastated by the shortage of good jobs and an oversupply of drugs and by the subsequent spike in suicide and overdose deaths. I've seen millions and millions of illegal immigrants pour into our nation continuously without penalty and with the consent, if not encouragement, of the leadership of both parties. I've seen our political and military leaders squander our nation's most precious resource: the lives of our front-line troops. I've seen large corporations endorse Leftist social doctrines, while they exploit the American worker and evade paying taxes with loopholes created just for them, not you. I've seen the Left and the Media spread lies about various Republicans while many on the Right are silent and do nothing. I've seen the Left try to destroy our culture and social cohesion through violence and racial agitation, and many on the Right continue their silence, or at most will impotently complain on social media. I've seen enough. We need more people in Congress that will truly fight for the American people, and Michael Guest is quite simply not equipped for that challenge. He may be a decent man but he has proven to be ineffective at his job, and we need people who know how to fight in Congress. I will be that man. I humbly ask for your vote on June 7th to be the Republican nominee for the Mississippi Third Congressional District.

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