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* My response to the Establishment's recent lies and misrepresentations: Cassidy_Response.docx *

Election Integrity

Make voter ID mandatory, eliminate ballot drop boxes, and develop other rigorous standards that restore all Americans' faith in our electoral process.

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I am firmly Pro-Life. The pro-choice label is a falsehood; babies don't choose to die. I have taken a pledge to NEVER vote for any legislation that gives even a penny to Planned Parenthood. This is in stark contrast to my opponent who has given over a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider.

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Finish the wall and militarize the border, deport everyone who is in the country illegally, and institute an immigration moratorium for the next decade.

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Protecting Children

Ban transgender surgeries and puberty blockers for anyone under 18, and create a national law that mimics the recent "Parental Rights in Education" law in Florida that restricts the promotion of sexual orientation and gender identity to young children.

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Term Limits

An overwhelming majority of Americans support term limits for Congress, just like we have for the President. I have pledged to co-sponsor and vote for a Term Limit Amendment that would restrict Representatives to three terms, and Senators to two terms. My opponent, Mr. Guest, has refused to support any term limit legislation. (Read More)


Give our warfighters the weapons and training they need to succeed and re-create an environment that enables the military to keep its top talent. We must also end all COVID mandates, as well as all diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives throughout the military.

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Ban Critical Race Theory, affirmative action, and any race or sex based preference system for students, teachers, and administrators at every level of education in the country. Give parents tax deductions for homeschooling their children or sending them to private schools.

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Energy Independence

Ensure a steady and reliable supply of domestically produced energy, including large investments in nuclear power, to lessen the power that foreign oil producers have on the pocketbooks of American consumers.

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Opioid Epidemic

Stop the flow of drugs by finishing the wall, militarizing the border, and giving law enforcement more tools to go after smugglers and drug dealers. Also we must provide treatment for those in our communities who are afflicted with addiction.

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The GOP must be the party of pre-COVID normalcy and I support legislation that will ban COVID vaccine and mask mandates for government and businesses alike.

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Law and Order

Give full backing to the police who put their life on the line daily for the protection of our communities. I oppose so-called 'police-reform' bills that aim to charge policemen for their actions while serving in the line of duty.

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The American Dream

Institute policies that enable every American to raise a family, own a home, and have affordable health care on a single income.

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Agriculture is the backbone of the Mississippi Third and I will fight for the success of farms and farmers alike.

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Impeaching President Joe Biden

President Biden should be impeached by a GOP majority on Day 1 of the next session of Congress.

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2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Our people have had widespread gun ownership for centuries; it is only recently that gun-related crime has become a problem. The problem is cultural and not due to law-abiding gun owners.

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Drain the Swamp

All branches of the federal government require extensive reform to increase efficiency and reduce corruption.

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