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Protecting Children

Perhaps the biggest failing of conservatives has been their inability to conserve family values and to protect our children from Leftist social values. While we on the Right traditionally have been hesitant to use the government to legislate morality, the inescapable truth is that when we take a hands-off approach, the Left swoops in and implements their progressively more twisted social doctrines among our youth. We have a moral obligation to oppose this madness. To be clear, we should treat all people equally and with dignity, but that doesn't mean accepting their values or tolerating them being taught to our children. We must:

  • Ban transgender surgeries and puberty blockers for anyone under 18
  • Ban the promotion of sexual orientation and gender identity for young children, as they've done in Florida
  • Require phone and computer companies to create a parental control overlay on all phones, tablets, etc. that would allow parents to block TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media for those under 18
  • Investigate Netflix for being a distributor of child pornography for its "Cuties" special, plus any other companies that have distributed similar material

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