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Law and Order

Great countries do not permit their cities to be looted and put to flame without consequence. All people regardless of wealth or race want safe neighborhoods for their families and friends to live in. We need politicians in Washington who will not simply give empty platitudes about this problem; we need people who will push for both new laws and rigorous enforcement of existing laws. Think of the looters, arsonists, murderers, and other criminals who went unpunished by the Left in 2020, and understand that they are preparing for a second round. Never forget that you deserve to live in a safe country. I support:

  • Keeping convicted criminals locked up instead of releasing them early to commit more crimes
  • Eliminating so-called sanctuary cities for immigration, crime, etc. Charge local officials with sedition (interference with the laws of the United States) for those who do not comply.
  • Mandatory minimums for mob destruction of statues, infrastructure, and houses of worship - automatic 10 years in jail plus the cost of repair

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