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Election Integrity

We cannot allow any future election to be conducted like the election of 2020. The lack of oversight, the illegal actions of numerous states, and the vast potential for fraud via "drop box" voting and lack of signature verification for absentee ballots must never be tolerated again. I plan to propose election integrity legislation that, for all federal elections, will:

  • Require state or federal voter ID to be shown at the polling station
  • Ban ballot drop boxes and require that all requests for absentee ballots be made in person, every election cycle, and that rigorous signature verification methods are used
  • Require all ballots be paper, not electronic, and that the paper and ink used be made specifically for those ballots to prevent counterfeit ballots
  • Require municipalities to scrub voter rolls annually for deaths, moves, etc.
  • Ban all convicted felons from voting
  • Ensure transparency and oversight by requiring video cameras at all polling stations to record counting. The overwhelming majority of poll workers are volunteers and patriots, but this will nonetheless give Americans greater confidence in election security, which we desperately need.

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