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At least 1.5 million new immigrants arrived into our country in the last year alone. That’s more than twice the population of the entire Mississippi 3rd Congressional District. Foreign-born citizens vote nearly 80% Democratic, a key reason why Democratic politicians love immigration. It's inexcusable for Republican politicians like Mr. Guest to be ambivalent to this fact. One of the main issues in this campaign is whether we want to continue to allow millions of foreigners into this country, legally and illegally, to depress wages, increase housing costs, commit crimes, and add to the Democratic Party's voting rolls.

The Republican majority in 2023 should commit to the following platform:

  • A total legal immigration moratorium for the next decade
    • Immigration has historically been a massive benefit for America. But our nation has not been able to fully assimilate many of the tens of millions who have arrived in recent years. 
  • Deport all foreigners who are in our country illegally
  • Finish the wall immediately to stop the hundreds of thousands of migrants the Border Patrol doesn't catch
  • Supplement the Border Patrol with American troops to protect OUR border, not some border on the other side of the world
  • End birthright citizenship, which draws so many foreigners to our country
  • Mandatory e-verify for all businesses and governments. Heavy fines or prison for those who do not comply.
    • Create a bounty system similar to the Texas abortion law that allows citizens to receive compensation for whistle-blowing on companies that hire illegal aliens
  • Dramatically reduce the number of foreign students from threat nations such as China and Iran  
    • The failure to protect the Manhattan Project from Soviet espionage was one of the most disastrous national security failures in our history and we must reduce the risk this happens again

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