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The military exists for two purposes - to deter others from attacking our nation, and should deterrence fail, then to achieve overwhelming victory in combat. All policies, all funding, all actions must be with the following bedrock principle in mind: does it enhance the lethality of our military, or does it not? Too often that principle is nowhere to be found in today's upper-level leadership. When leadership does not adhere to this core truth, and instead looks to the dogmas of diversity, inclusion, equity, and climate change, they weaken our military, which reduces our chance of victory in combat and makes our nation less secure. We must:

  • End all wokeism, Diversity/Inclusion/Equity indoctrination, and using race and sex as factors in promotion and job qualification
  • Focus on retaining our top talent that has been leaving the military in droves
  • Stop our unsustainable deployment cycles and spend more time on maintenance and training
  • Slash administrative overhead
  • Reform the acquisitions process
  • End the COVID mandate and offer re-instatement with back pay to everyone kicked out for vaccine refusal, change any discharges to honorable discharges, and restore their veterans benefits

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