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The education of our nation's youth is among the most vital tasks for any society. The purpose of education is to instill knowledge, teach critical thinking skills, to pass on the values of our nation and community. For too long conservatives have believed in a "values-neutral," or hands-off approach to public education. This approach has allowed the neo-Marxist doctrines of the Left such as Critical Race Theory and anti-American propaganda such as the 1619 project into our schools. This cannot continue.  Republicans must pass legislation at both a local and federal level that:

  • Bans Critical Race Theory from being taught, other than an example of anti-Americanism, at all educational levels
    • It is evil to indoctrinate children to hate themselves and to be ashamed of their ancestors and of their nation
  • Bans Affirmative Action and any race or sex based preference system for students, teachers, and administrators at all educational levels
  • Ensures teachers post course curriculums publicly, so parents can see what is being taught
    • Restricts sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms to those of same biological sex at all education levels

    I support legislation that would give a $7500 tax deduction to parents who homeschool their children or send them to private schools.

    We must create programs and trade schools in high school and for recent high school graduates that lead to apprenticeships in blue collar jobs that don't require college, such as plumbers, electricians, farmers, mechanics, etc.

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