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In response to our first-place finish in Tuesday’s primary, the Establishment and Mr. Guest have had their knives out for me. They’ve unscrupulously attacked my military career, they’ve lied about what I’ve said about Mr. Guest’s votes, and they’ve misrepresented my policy platforms. The crux of their attack was a hit piece by an “independent” media outlet, one that never asked me or my campaign for comment or correction. These are their accusations and my response:

$48 trillion of government spending

  • Just after I filed to run in late February I briefly considered allowing anyone to purchase Military TriCare/Medicare if they desired, just like what we have in the military and what I have had for years. Within a week or two I determined that this would cost too much money, and that there were more conservative options, such as tort reform and allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines. I never raised this issue on the campaign trail or in any ads, literature, or mail we sent out.

Family Plan

  • Unlike Mr. Guest and so many other Swamp politicians, I am horrified by our nation’s long term trends of declining family formation, out of wedlock births, and decreased fertility rates. I initially put forward some ideas to arrest this by creating incentives to offset the many government-created costs of starting and raising a family.
  • I received a lot of helpful feedback from supporters on how to improve this in a way to avoid creating further government dependency. I followed that advice and improved my plan to focus on increasing child tax deductions to ease the tax burden on working families that are struggling in the Biden economy by letting them keep more of what they earn.

Fiscal Conservatism

  • I took a pledge in mid-March to oppose any and all efforts to increase marginal tax rates for people and businesses. I’m a fiscal conservative. Unlike my opponent, I believe that we must have rigorous oversight of the Federal Reserve and stop it from printing trillions of dollars. Unlike my opponent, who voted for numerous multi-trillion dollar spending bills, in addition to Bennie Thompson’s January 6th Commission, I think we need to reduce the $30 trillion national debt. Our future depends on it. It’s why I have pledged to be the first Mississippi member of the very conservative House Freedom Caucus should I be elected.

Military Service

  • Mr. Guest’s jerry-rigged attack ad this week focused on the Navy’s earlier politically-motivated grounding. The Navy was unhappy because my unshakable position is that the military must return to being a merit-based organization and that lethality is our supreme objective, not Leftist social doctrines. Therefore we must remove all Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) programs and no longer use race or sex for either promotions or quotas in various positions. When they grounded me, I refused to back down.
  • Mr. Guest has been silent about this Leftist influence in our armed forces, just as he’s been silent about the persecution of the January 6th political prisoners held without trial in violation of their Constitutional due process rights. His advertisement, in fact, attacks me from the Left, lending implicit support to the idea that DIE and wokeism are a good thing. I vehemently disagree. I was willing to put my career on the line for this stance. Eventually the Navy backed down and I began flying again two weeks ago.

I’ve often said on the campaign trail that there is always room for improvement and I’m not afraid of taking good advice on how to better represent the people. What centers my personal life is an unwavering belief in Jesus Christ, and what centers my political life is a burning and unquenchable love for our nation. As a Navy pilot, I’ve constantly been willing to lay down my life for our nation, and I will never stop defending her in whatever capacity my future holds.

I’m always available to answer questions you may still have



P.S. Our movement’s first place finish on June 7th awakened both our opponent and his Establishment syndicate, and they are currently pouring hundreds of thousands of Swamp dollars into this race. If you can contribute anything to help us to continue to spread our America First message and send a resounding statement to the rest of the country on June 28th, please Thank you.

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